Zone dieters who reside in California can also have their Zone Diet delivered to their doorstep. If you reside in the rest of the United States, you will have to try different weight loss meal plans.

For those who live in the tri-state area or California, this meal delivery service delivers fresh to your doorstep by 5 a.m. Breakfast and dinner can easily be heated in the microwave, while lunch is always a cold meal.

Extra for Customized Meals
While Zone Delivery USA offers each participant the opportunity to personalize meals based on preferences such as vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free, or kosher compliant, there is an additional three dollar fee. They do offer pre-set menus that allow for special ordering as mentioned above, but customizing a menu with prepared meals you like is extra.

One does have to wonder why anyone who is following one of the Zone Diet plans would choose the low carb meals option. The whole point of the Zone diets are to emphasize a healthy balance of carbs, fats, and proteins.

Order 31 Days at a Time
To order the Zone Diet plans, you must be willing to order the diet for a minimum of 31 days of gourmet meals. Prepayment is necessary to join the program. After the initial 31 days, if you like the diet, then you prepay for another 31 days. At the end of the 31 days, you can choose not to renew with at least a five-day notice.

However, if you do not like the program after one or two weeks, you still must continue to receive the food for the entire 31 days. You order by phone and are paired with a consultant for your first order. After the first order, you may order via the Internet.

The Zone Diet foods are typical weight loss food:

  • For dinner, you will notice an emphasis on chicken and turkey, with green beans, broccoli, and other green vegetables included.
  • Breakfasts usually consist of some type of egg dish and oatmeal.
  • Lunch is a sandwich or wrap, and dinners are chicken, shrimp, or salmon.
  • Snacks may include cookies, the Zone bars, or small salads.

The cost for the Zone Diet foods is as follows for one person:

  • Chef Selected meals are $33.95 per day @ 31 days = $1,052.45
  • Personalized meals are 36.95 per day @ 31 days = $1,145.45.
  • Meals range from $28.95 to $41.95 per day, based on how long you agree to stay on the program.
The Zone Diet is a diet that utilizes a plan known as "40/30/30." The plan is composed of meals consisting of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins.
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 Poor Review
The Worst Diet, and Customer Experience
Wow this is the worst diet, customer experience I have ever gone through. I signed up for two weeks, expecting the great, tasty food featured on the website. Also because they said they could accomodate my severe dairy and gluten allergies.

The first meal was covered in moldy, fuzzy cheese. The vegetables reminded me of hospital food. Like a bad hot lunch. Everything was frozen and wilted. As the week went on they sent me food filled with cream and gluten, as well as packaged bars. Basically charging me $8 for a balance bar that I couldn't even eat!  The food was absolutely inedible. With my allergies and the gross quality, I ended up tossing each batch.

I wrote the company to complain and they said that the program was absolutely non refundable. I hadn't seen this on the site when I placed the order so I offered to pay for the first week and then cancel the second week. They said no that they would work with me to send meals that avoided my allergies. I got very sick from the food I ate, so I knew it wasn't being prepared in a gluten free kitchen. I said I just wanted my money back. I didn't want to pay another $400 for a week of food I would just throw out. It was poor quality, total fraud from what was shown on their website.

This escalated into about 20 emails from the company owner, Mike Naples, verbally abusing me in the emails calling me a liar, saying I would never get my money back, and offering to send me the same disgusting food. I feel totally taken advantage of and worst absolutely sick from this subpar food. I feel emotionally abused and in awe that people still treat their customers this way.

Save your money and time and look for a quality food delivery service!

-Aliza, NY
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The Zone Diet Reviews
A person on the Zone Diet weight loss meals eats three meals and two snacks per day.

Attempting to prepare meals that follow such strict guidelines can be difficult, so Zone Delivery USA will deliver meals fresh to your doorstep each day.

Limited Service Area
If you are interested in having your Zone Diet delivered, then you have to live in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
The Zone Diet Coupons and The Zone Diet coupon codes will be published and updated as they become available. See their home page for their Zone Value. Presently they are offering a promo code for a discount on their Zone Suppliments. They also offer Zone Credits if you invite your friends and family.

Other diet delivery services that offer coupons include Diet To Go, DineWise Diet, and
Bistro MD.
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