One of our clients suggested that we take a look at a website for a company called Johnston County Hams. The website looked good and we read up on the company both through the website and the some reviews that we saw on the Internet. Most of our office likes ham and cured meats, so we dove right in and made a big order.
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But you don't really need Johnson County Coupons to save money and enjoy delicious gourmet food. Their prices are generally below average, and few dollars isn't going to matter much when you are buying food of this quality.
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Best I've Had in this County

The last time I enjoyed hams of this quality was when I was in Spain. I'm sorry to see there is no suckling pig, but the Prosciutto is to die for. Absolutely amazing, and if you are one to hosts guests, you will get rave Johnson County Hams reviews all night long.

The curemaster reserve hams are a special treat too. I didn't tray anything else, but I will certainly be ordering again. Thank you for the Johnson County Hams Coupons too.

M. Allen, PA, May 2013
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Johnson County Hams Excellent Review
We wanted to be fair and try a few different things. We tried the honey cured ham, the prosciutto and a couple of the smokehouse meats. I personally had a little experience with these types of foods and did not have any real expectations.

I remembered family meals at the holidays and things like that for honey cured ham, but I had no idea what I had been missing. Apparently my family did not know about Johnston County Hams.
It was as if I was eating an entirely different thing than what we had purchased in the past. I once saw a special about Hawaiians cooking pork and they said that it came out like candy. That was what this was like.
I looked deeper into the company and saw that they were based on the work of a man, Richard Edmonson started the work in 1946 and in 1967 a man named Jesse Brown came along and brought his own special curing methods.

The prosciutto may be a newer item to the company, something that was added since the inception of the company, but it seemed to be made with the same work and ethic that created the honey cured ham was made with.

Johnston County Hams may not be under the same few people that were there in the beginning, but everything that came to the company is still there today.
Shipping and ordering was easy and quick. The packaging was great. There was no worry at all when we saw the way that our foods were shipped. Everything was fresh and great and just like we had gone to the store and purchased it ourselves. We knew that there was something different when we started to open the ham and the final packaging was peeling away with a coating of honey and spices stuck to it.

There was not even any reason to cook the ham. We tried some just as it was and it was great and then we put the rest in the oven and that was even better. This is the type of food that can save a person hours in the kitchen on the holidays or any other time. It took about an hour for us to bring the ham to fully cooked temperature and after that it was even better than before cooking.

The other foods that we ordered could be cooked different ways. They were also ready to eat right out of the package, but we cooked them because of the way that the ham got so much better hot. All in all, the cook time was less than an hour for everything other than the ham. We sat down and had a little smorgasbord. Many of the things I had not had before, but I am sure that they were better than the competition because of the way that the ham stood out against everything that we had eaten before.

For anyone that is curious, this is a place that you must try. You may not be as crazy about it as we are, but you are surely going to be very pleased. The sales and the service were awesome and the foods were great. Try something small and you will find yourself back on the website ordering more. It is gourmet food, but without the same price.

All in all, we are very happy that we were pointed in the direction of Johnston Family Hams. We have done more than a few reviews of websites and companies and foods through the years and we were not happy all of the time. This seems like a great company that is based on the same values that we use in our own homes.
Johnson County Hams Reviews
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