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Dinner packages are also available for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic getaways. Each package feeds two adults and includes your choice of bread, soup, entrée, dessert and coffee or tea and candy.

Gourmet Station offers a full range of gourmet food gifts that includes choices like Wagyu (Kobe) Steaks and a wide array of fresh seafood items. Soup lovers will want to check out the  gourmet soup packages with such choices as Italian Wedding Soup, Lobster Bisque and Sausage Gumbo, just to name a few. Soup packages include baguettes and cookies. Appetizer samplers also sold with options including Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, Portobello Puffs, Chicken Wonton and many more.

An assortment of cakes, mousses, cheesecakes and pies can be found in the dessert gift section. From Chocolate Raspberry Cake to Strawberry Mousse Supreme to Key Lime Pie, there is sure to be something to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The International Dinner of the Month Club option will feed two adults for three, six, nine or twelve months depending on the package chosen. Meal Club certificates never expire and the recipient can choose whether to redeem online or by phone. Soup and appetizer gift packages combine gourmet soup, baguettes and cookies or appetizer samplers for any occasion. 

Send us your personal Gourmet Station Reviews.  If you have tried this chef prepared meal delivery service, please share your experience with thousands of other visitors. Post your Gourmet Station Coupons and discount codes to help others save money. Sharing your personal experiences and insight can help others to make better value and quality buying choices.
Gourmet Station has been preparing and delivering gourmet meals with a focus on authentic ethnic cuisine all across the United States since 2000. This company offers a replacement or money back guarantee if your gourmet dinner is damaged in transit or does not arrive on the date specified.
Horrible Customer Service

This was the worst online shopping experience, EVER.  Customer service was beyond horrible.

Admittedly, I had a typo in the address that the package was to be delivered to. They use UPS, and do not provide tracking information until there's a problem and you request it.  No returned phone call by Donna, although I left two messages. Also of note, when shipping with Federal Express, if there's a wrong address, they call the shipper to resolve.  And, any business that provided decent customer service would call the patron. 

Wouldn't you think that a company/business that serves EXPENSIVE AND PERISHABLE food would ship with a carrier that would ensure their food item is received by the intended customer?  I was just told:

"The only way to get a food gift to him now is to place another order. I am sorry and I know that this is not what you want to hear. But we did our part and UPS did their part."

I have never been treated like this nor treated anyone else like this in business. I find it absolutely deplorable!

The "reheating and food taste" categories above had to be marked to create a review.  Obviously we neither reheated or tasted the food as it never arrived.

S. Hansen, CA
June 2011
Poor Gourmet Station Review
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Exotic menus feature Americana, Cajun, Fusion, Parisian and Tuscan cuisine are inspired by authentic recipes that have been faithfully reproduced, flash frozen and packaged for delivery by UPS.

Meals arrive in a special cooler and in just thirty minutes you will have a multi-course spread on your kitchen table. They have meal plans that are priced individually and you can choose from one cuisine type or try the international sampler that includes dishes from different categories.
Gourmet Station has a rewards program you can sign up for that offers free meals. Gourmet Station Coupons and Gourmet Station coupon codes will be published here as soon as they become available.

Other prepared meal delivery services that offer coupons include Home Bistro and DineWise.
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