We hope to be able to help you find the best meal delivery service for your needs, and at a value that fits into your budget. We are ranking these services, based on consumer reviews, by the following categories:

Winners for each category are based on
consumer reviews including:

  • Website Ease of Ordering
  • Reheating Convenience
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping Experience
  • Taste and Food Quality
  • Overall Consumer Rating

Also included were comments related value and if the consumer would refer the company's products to a friend or relative. We feel these summaries will determine the best meal delivery services.
Best Prepared Meals Delivered

This category refers to the best prepared meals delivered that primarily sell chef prepared meals. Companies in this category may offer nutritional and diet delivery meals, but they are different from companies in the weight loss meal category in that they do not require consumers to purchase meal plans with automatic deliveries. A link is provided to read all of the reviews for a vendor listed, and some vendors offer unadvertisied coupons for additional value. This years awards and honorable mention go to:
Best Prepared Meals DineWise and Home Bistro
DineWise Second Place Prepared Meals
Home Bistro

The Home Bistro and DineWise brands, while seperate with original recipes, are both available on the DineWise website. The earn our top stop for the best prepared meals and the best meal delivery services.

Home Bistro prepared meals are all sous vide, a French cooking technique meaning they are prepared in vacuum sealed bags, submersed in warm water, and cooked for long periods of time. BBQ  and crock pots are other examples of long and slow cooking techniques.

The result is a very flavorful meal that can be reheated on the stove top or in a microwave. Home Bistro meals are also reasonably priced and average about $12 per meal.

DineWise has the largest menu of prepared meals. They cater to gourmet and nutritional minded consumers with offering for people with diabetes, low sodium, low carb, weight loss, men's health, and senior dietary requirements.

Some of their meals are sous vide, and some come in microwave trays. DineWise owns Home Bistro so you can order from each menu at their website. The average cost per meal is about $14.

Fresh Direct - Consumers have been impressed with the prepared menu at Fresh Direct. The prepared meals from this company are not delivered frozen. Each meal is delivered fresh and costs between $7.99 and $9.99.

As long as they deliver to your area, you will find that you can have anything you might find at your local market, conveniently delivered to your home or office.
Third Place Prepared Meals FreshDirect
Best Prepared Meals Honorable Mention

  • Gourmet Station may have most gourmet menu of all the prepared meal delivery services. Their meals do not reheat in a microwave, but if you want to enjoy some high-end quality food, expertly prepared by chefs, this is the company for you.
Diet To Go

Diet To Go has had the most consistent positive reviews for Best Diet Delivery, with many consumers posting claims of significant weight loss. You do not have to sign up for automatic delivery and their meals are delivered fresh every week you are on the diet. Some of the reviews included meals that were outstanding and overall meal quality was better than average. They deliver nationwide.
Best Diet Delivery Diet To Go
Second Place Weight Loss Meals Bistro MD
Bistro MD

Bistro MD is another diet delivery service with better than average consumer reviews, perhaps without the highs and lows of Diet To Go. When you sign up, you are signing up for automatic delivery, but the company says on there website there is no commitment because you can cancel at any time. Their FAQ page says you order one week by placing your order over the phone. The diet is created by a doctor and endorsed by Dr. Phil, and makes the Best Diet Delivery service list for its outstanding value.
Third Place Diet Meal Delivery PureFoods Fresh Start
Best Gourmet Food

Gourmet Food are generally gourmet specialty items that require cooking. Gourmet food vendors may also be primarily used as gourmet food gifts. Examples of vendors that fall under this category would include The Crab Place, Gourmet Station, Lobster Anywhere, and SeaBear.  
Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere. Ever since 1999 Lobster Anywhere has thrilled lobster enthusiasts with Maine lobster, seafood gift ideas, and award-winning chowders. They will deliver live Maine lobster, lobster tails, and delicious fish and shellfish to just about anyplace in the United States. They specializes in lobster dinners, frozen lobster, lobster meat, and seafood delivered directly to their customers.
Appetzers To Go 1st Place Gourmet Food
Mackenzie Limited 2nd Place Gourmet Good
Mackenzie Limited

Mackenzie Limited offers gourmet foods such as freshly smoked salmon, straight from the wilds of Scotland, caviar from the Caspian Sea, an array of French cheeses, an elegant selection of fresh vegetables, sustainable seafood selections, and a Butcher's shop that provides only the finest hand-cut meats. They also own Impromptu Gourmet and Chesapeake Bay Crab.
Lobster Gram 3rd place Gourmet Food
Pasta Cheese

Pasta Cheese is a gourmet food website you may want to consider if you are a gourmet chef or giving gourmet foods gifts to a loved one or for a business relationship. This online store is well stocked with an inventory of gourmet foods you are not likely to find at your local grocery store, and prices are very reasonable for the high-quality products they offer.
Gourmet Foods Honorable Mention

  • Wolferman's specializes in gift baskets, but the hallmark of their company, since 1910, is their line of English Muffins. Today, their line of similar baked goods includes Crumpets, English Muffin Bread, Miniature Muffins, Scones, Signature Muffins, and Tea Breads. Shoppers can buy any of these products as a stand alone item, or customize any combination in a package.
Buying steak online is definitely extremely different as compared with selecting all of your meat from your community market and butcher shop. Often the primary aspect people will probably observe is the fact that the price is most likely to be more expensive, which is actually alright, because so is the level of quality. Determining the best steaks online was tough becuase consumer reviews for this category have been limited, so we recommend you read reviews for each steak vendor.
Colorado Prime Steaks

Colorado Prime Steaks - Known as America's Best Online Steakhouse, Colorado Prime specializes in all natural beef and steaks. They have numerous traditional cuts of steak, as well some specialty cuts you may not have heard of. They are competitively priced, normally slightly less than other companies of the same quality, and they have a free shipping offer. Overall, they over the Best Steaks Online.
Best Steaks Online Colorado Prime
Omaha Steaks 2nd Place Best Online Steaks
Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks, a fifth-generation, family-owned company, which sells beef, roasts, pork, poultry, seafood, veal, lamb, appetizers, sides, and desserts. For gourmet tastes, they also have available sauces, seasonings, glazes, wines, and even treats for your family pet. The have a limited selection of prepared meals in the way of sides and vegetables.  In addition to their online store, they have more than 80 store locations in 28 states. The value makes them one of the best steaks online.
Kansas City Steaks 3rd Place Best Online Steaks
Chicago Steak Company

Chicago Steak Company The Chicago Steak Company offers the best Chicago steaks. Not only do they offer the popular cuts such as filet mignon, ribeyes, and t-bones, they offer different types of beef. The Chicago Steak Company not only carries the best prime steak Chicago offers, they also carry quality seafood to complement their beef making them one of the best steaks online.
Diet Meals
Diet Meals
Diet Meals
Prepared Meals
Prepared Meals
Prepared Meals
DineWise Diet

DineWise is well known for quality meals and has been a long time favorite of visitors. They do offer a weight loss meal menu, which is called the DineWise Diet, and has had positive reviews. What makes them different is that you can buy one or as many diet meals as you like without commitment. The food is good, and the freedom to order what you like makes them one of the Best Diet Delivery services. They also have weight loss meal plans.
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The Best Diet Delivery category includes only those companies that offer weight loss meal plans, most of which require automatically delivery. However, companies that do not require automatic delivery get bonus points from us. We feel a consumer should be able to try the service before making a long term commitment. We also understand these companies have the challenge of creating a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu within a budget that is affordable to the consumer. All these factors come into play when choosing the best diet delivery services.

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