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DineWise Diet
DineWise offers diet meal delivery with a twist. DineWise also includes meals for two and special holiday diet meals. Meals for Weight Loss start at $10. With DineWise there is no lock-in to a week or more. You simply order your prepared meals from anywhere in the United States and they are delivered to your door within three days. You build your own menu choosing from entrees and sides available, and they offer the most freedom in how many meals you want to add to your weight loss meal plan. You may choose from preset meal plans or pick as many weight loss breakfast, lunch, and dinners as you like, and a three day trial plan is available.

The Chefs Diet
Chefs Diet operates on the principle that a balanced meal is one that consists of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fats. Chef's Diet allows you to choose from either a regular gourmet plan, a vegetarian and dairy plan, a sugar-free plan for diabetics, a vegan plan, a kosher menu and even a child's menu. You may choose to sign up for either a three day meal sampler, which allows to sample the menu and meal program without being locked-in, or you can choose from a seven day program, a 14-day program, or a 31-day program. The seven day program costs approximately $50.00 per day, plus tax.

Freshology provides all-natural meals for dieters. Each item of food is delivered fresh to your door and is never frozen or processed. All meats are hormone free and all fruits and vegetables are organic. Freshology delivers only to certain areas of the United States, including Southern California, and areas of the East coast. Meal plans start at the 14 day meal plan, and go up to 90 day meal plans. Freshology meals currently cost around $55.00 per day.

Seattle Sutton
Seattle Sutton offers fresh meals available for pick-up in some areas of the US and delivery in others. The meal plan cost varies based upon where you live and how many meals you pick. You must order a 14 day minimum amount of meals with this program. The menu includes traditional low-fat meals as well as vegetarian meals. Plan costs vary by location and range from $129 to $279.

Medifast weight-loss meals are ordered in one-month amounts. These are shelf-stabilized meals that can be ordered ala carte or as a month-long meal plan. They do not offer vegetarian meals; they simply offer plans for men or women. Most of the meals you will get from them come in the form of powders which you add hot water to. Their meals consist of shakes, bars, oatmeal, and powdered soups. Medifast delivers anywhere in the US and costs approximately $300.00 per month.

NutriSystem is probably the most familiar diet. It has been around the longest and is successful due to their low price. The food is shelf-stabilized and is microwavable. They deliver anywhere in the US. Meals plans include those for women, men and diabetics. NutriSystem requires a four week commitment and costs about $240.00 per month.

Diet-to-Go is a company that offers meals for weight loss delivered to your door anywhere in the continental United States. They offer a choice of traditional low-fat meal plans that are based upon 1100-1200 calories for women and 1400-1600 calories for men. They also offer low-carb meals and low-sodium meals as well as vegetarian meals. The meals are delivered weekly and are shipped on coolers with dry ice. Each meal needs to be microwaved and instructions are provided. A five day meal plan of just breakfast and dinner is around $90.00 per week, while a five day meal plan including all three meals is around $110.00 per week.

Bistro MD gained popularity after it was featured on the Dr. Phil show. Bistro MD delivers packaged food that is microwavable to your doorstep. Bistro MD meals are planned by a nutrition doctor and other leading experts. Meals are available as either traditional low-fat or as vegetarian. You must order at least five days worth of meals. Five days of meals including snacks is around $145.00 per week. A seven day meal plan is $180. Bistro MD delivers to all areas of the United States.

e-Diets is different because it allows you to choose which type of diet you would like to follow. You have over twenty choices including popular diets such as the Atkins plan and Weight watchers. The pricing and types of food delivered vary based on your choices. The company doesn't post prices on their website by a live chat representative said prices were about $22 a day plus shipping.

ZoneDiet USA
The Zone Diet is a diet that utilizes a plan known as "40/30/30." The plan is composed of meals consisting of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins. A person on the Zone Diet meals for weight loss eats three meals and two snacks per day. Attempting to prepare meals that follow such strict guidelines can be difficult, so Zone Delivery USA will deliver meals fresh to your doorstep each day.

My Cuisine Delight
My Cuisine Delight, is a food delivery service that allows clients to order meals touted as being healthy and following the USDA and FDA healthy guidelines. They are presented as being recommended by doctors and physicians. Their website offers tools such as "Ask A Nutritionist" where clients can read frequently asked questions, as well as email the nutritionist and ask their own questions.

PureFoods Fresh Start
Purefoods is a company that sells their weight loss meal plans to customers around the country. The company prepares a variety of meals that can help one lose weight easily and healthfully.   This company is unique in that the food delivered is fresh, not frozen or dried.  No preservatives are used in the preparation of the meals, instead the company's "fresh lock" tray. This tray keeps food fresh for about two weeks. 

The Fresh Diet
The Fresh Diet is a weight loss meal delivery service, that does not deliver nationwide. Prepared meals are shipped with prepayment of your order. Weight loss meal plans come in different programs for men and women. Vegetarian and Diabetic Meals are also available. You can have the option of making a small amount of substitutions, and your food is delivered to your home on a daily basis.
Many leading weight loss companies have heard the desperate cries for help from dieters and have eliminated the guess-work involved when it comes to figuring out things such as what is a proper portion size and what types of food are permitted on a particular diet plan. These weight loss companies have devised meal delivery services that can be delivered directly to your home or business. Each of these diet meals has been perfectly portioned, so there is no guess work.
Meal Tips for Weight Loss
Losing weight is probably the hardest thing you will ever attempt to do. One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is determining what weight loss meals you can eat on your diet and what amount of food you can eat.
Each different type of diet plan has different guidelines and they can become rather confusing. We have tried to help you find the best weight loss meal plans, at the best value, that suit your needs, to make your weight loss meal planning easy.
Woman on a weight loss meal plan
Diet Meals can Vary Greatly. Read Our Weight Loss Reviews for the Best Value.
Reading consumer reviews from people who have tried and experienced the different programs is the best way for you to determine the quality of the meals you wish to buy, and at a price that fits your budget.

Another tip would be to be to study the menu carefully.  Are you getting a small muffin for breakfast? Some companies try to keep prices low by offering extremely small portion sizes.  Look for the weight of each meal, and review the calories per meal to ensure they are not too low. 
For most people, 400 calories is a good guideline per meal. A lunch and dinner prepared meal should include a protein, carb, and vegetable.

Lastly, be sure to read the fine print of any service you are interested in, including the cancellation procedure if you are unsatisfied.  Some companies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which would be a key benefit in choosing a weight loss meal delivery service.

Learn more about dieting and meals for weight loss.
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Weight Loss Meal Plans

Weight Loss Meal Planning

Weight Loss Meal Planning Buying Tips: With everything from top rated gourmet meals to powdered soups, consumers will see some significant differences in the prepared meal companies that offer weight loss meal plans. Finding the best value for your needs should be based on a balance of meal quality and cost. 
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