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The Internet has made corporate and personal gift giving both easy and hard. It makes it easy to buy and send gifts anywhere, but hard in that the choices and options can be overwhelming.

Finding the perfect gift for a foodie can be as easy a food gift certificate. If you are searching for gourmet food gift ideas, you might find yourself spending a lot of time bouncing from website to website.
Gourmet Food Gifts
New Moms Love Getting Prepared Meals as Food Gifts
Another popular choice for sending chef prepared meals, and meal plans is when you are the family caregiver for an aging parent or parents. If you happen to live a distance away, this service provides a solution of long trips, frequent shopping, and potentially have to cook many senior meals in advance.

The reheating convenience of a meal delivery company makes them a solution for occasions when there is not a lot of free time. Not only do you give the gift of great meals, you also give the gift of free time.  Other prepared food gifts can include specialty candy, cookies, and cakes. These days, you can even send someone special a cooked Maine lobster!

Unprepared Food as Gifts

Not to be outdone, unprepared gourmet food gifts can make excellent choices too! Here you can send your Dad or corporate relationship a box of high quality steaks that you generally can't find locally. You might want to consider a gift of wine for your favorite oenologist or wine enthusiast, and you can partner a delicious bottle of wine with a huge selection of gourmet cheeses from all over the world.

Buying Steaks Online may have been the traditional leader in this industry, but seafood is on the rise. Now you can send gourmet seafood gifts like smoked salmon, caviar, and crab cakes. Believe it or not, there are websites that specialize in just these items.

Many gourmet food websites offer monthly gift packages if you want to give a gift that can last all yearlong. Specialty coffee and green tea companies do this, as well as wine suppliers. You always have the option to cancel if the concept doesn't work out for you. Be sure to read the fine print, and terms of agreement when buying any "gift of the month" type gift.

Food Gift Certificates

And one last thought might be to give a gourmet food gift certificate. The benefit of this option is especially helpful in the event a person wants to send food, but you are not sure what kind of food will be enjoyed. Almost all food gift certificates never expire, do not have any additional fees, and are very easy to redeem.

Popular Food Gift Ideas

Consumers come to this website to share their dining and buying experiences with readers just like you. Most of the people that post reviews have experience in buying product for themselves, but reading reviews is an excellent way to help you make your own buying decisions. Based on the reviews posted at this website, these are some of the most popular companies you may wish to consider:

  • DineWise - Offers the largest selection of prepared meals in the country. They also offer gift certificates in case you don't know exactly what types of food the person you are buying for will be most interested in.

  • Home Bistro - This company specializes in the sous vide method of cooking and is especially popular with seniors.

  • Magic Kitchen - They have a smaller menu selection, and do not offer many individual meal choices, but the quality of their meals has met with the approval of our visitors.

  • Lobster Anywhere - This unique company ships live or cooked lobsters, plus other delicious choices from the sea.

  • Steak Gift Boxes - you can visit this section to learn more about giving premium steaks as your gourmet food gift.

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Gourmet food gifts are a gifting idea that almost anyone can use. This industry has seen an amazing expansion since the inception of the Internet.

Food gift baskets once dominated this market, but with the addition of specialty shops, it is easy now to send unique food gifts, of gourmet quality, and still be personal enough to express your sentiment with a memorable gift.
Prepared Meal Gifts

Gifts of food can be broken down into two categories, prepared and unprepared. Most prepared meal gifts are purchased and shipped frozen, which does cost a little extra. The exciting thing about sending prepared meals that sophisticated vendors have been able to create menus that are not only gourmet, but fit into nutritional lifestyles.

It is not uncommon to see delicious prepared meals you can send to a person that needs diabetic meals, someone on a low sodium diet, or nutritionally balanced for senior lifestyles. Many of the meal delivery companies offer prepared meal plans, and gift packages so you send a great idea that fits into your budget.

Aside from nutritional benefits, prepared meals can be the perfect gift for special occasions. For example, you might want to consider sending a package of meals to:

  • A family that just had a baby.
  • New homeowners.
  • As a sympathy, or condolence gift.
  • For holiday occasions. Most companies offer holiday meals.
  • For a distant relative.
  • For a sick or ill co-worker.
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's Day or Father''s Day
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